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05 February 2016 @ 11:59 pm
01 February 2016 @ 12:34 am
Jump to 4:19 for GACKT.  There are bits of him on the next section with Yuki Kimisawa.  The movie will be aired on Max Murai's Youtube Channel on Feb. 6th at 12mn.

29 January 2016 @ 12:19 am
Two more tracks are now available for free streaming provided that you have Nestle account.  The other track Hana mo Chiyu was released at Recochoku for free last Dec. 16, 2015.

The following tracks are just screen-recorded for the original files are really troublesome to rip even after looking at the codes. LOL

Track 5: 舞哈BABY!!-WooHa- (full version)

Download: MP3

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Sorry about the timing.  I don't know what happened there. LOL

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EDIT: Download links and more photos added on cut.


Flower Fortune-telling
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22 January 2016 @ 09:24 pm
I set up a playlist at my YT channel for all my recordings of P.S.I LOVE YOU stories.  The app unfortunately ended its service last Dec.21, 2015.  And another unfortunate thing is that I'm missing my recording of Sweet Xmas Eve (story3). T____T  But I have all the screenshots and voice message of it.  I was so upset (I still am actually) that's why it's only now that I decided to post this.  I recorded it twice so I still hope to find it.  For now, please enjoy this.  Please tell me if there's any problem with the vids.  Thank you!

DL links to all the screenshots will be posted later.


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Although, it's not really a loss.... He still won in the end. Mental Reset, remember? haha

Japanese Rock Star Gackt’s Perfect Response To First Ever Loss On Game Show

All good things come to the end, but it's what we take from the end that really matters.

Popular Japanese singer and musician Gackt demonstrated that in a pretty cool way after he saw his undefeated streak snapped on this year's edition of Geinojin-Kakuzuke-Check, an intense but funny game show that airs on Japanese television as a New Year's special. Here's a simple breakdown of the show for some background.

The show's title translates to "Celebrity Class Check", and is essentially a game show where a celebrity's ability to distinguish between good and poor taste is tested to measure how "classy" they are. Celebrities compete in teams (usually paired with a celebrity colleague--singers with singers, actors with actors, etc.) and are presented with two items labeled "A" and "B".

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