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30 January 2009 @ 10:57 am
Kampf Battalion Blog report on Requiem et Reminiscene 2  
Kamf Battalion, the Japanese supplier of WW2 costumes to the tour has blogged about the concert experience. If you want an Nazi flag (just like the one worn by Gackt and JOB around their waists as part of their concert wardrobe, you can order it from them!


Post includes some colored manga images of Gackt as Zero.



no attribution on these images - I don't know where they come from or if they are official art, gomen, click for large

Shinobi was so very impressed by the live event, especially how well the video presentation merged with the live stage performance. He said it gave him 'an afterglow' inside to watch.

He reports that Gackt said his theme was about War, Life and Death, Sin and Forgiveness, and the color black (in the uniforms) is both noble and beautiful, signifying death. The SS uniform is a 'cruel costume' befitting the theme of the RR2 tour, of soldiers who live (made into machines) and die, and their crimes (committed by them and also against them by their superiors) are hidden. Gackt was very pleased with Kampf Battalion's cooperation with the costumes.