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21 October 2016 @ 09:43 pm
The CD jacket cover design for the 47th single "Kimi dake no boku de iru kara", to be released on November 23rd, has been revealed!
Included on DVD, a fully animated music video featuring GACKT's collaboration project with anime series TRICKSTER!!


 1.Kimi dake no boku de iru kara
 2.Kimi dake no boku de iru kara (ReMIX ver.)
 3.Kimi dake no boku de iru kara (-Instrumental-)
 Kimi dake no boku de iru kara MUSIC CLIP

 TV anime「TRICKSTER」 Character & GACKT Illustration Trading Card
 (1pc random card / collect 6 types)

©Jordan Morisugi /TRICKSTER Production Committee

07 October 2016 @ 01:12 pm
Many happy returns from all of us at GA - hope you enjoy a wonderful day!

Many thanks to LJ's tenshin26100 for the scan.
08 September 2016 @ 10:39 am
Many happy returns from all of us at GA!

Image of Gackt courtesy of the recent French wine CM
03 August 2016 @ 09:32 am
Many happy returns of the day, sarahlgollum - hope you enjoy a wonderful birthday (hope you still like purple!)


(Some insert photos are from Japanese news and live reports linked below.  Click images for full size.)

7/3/2016 @ Saitama Super Arena

July 3rd, 2016 was a sweltering hot day in Japan. That’s why when 15:00 came around to the thousands fans outside of Saitama Super Arena, they were more than eager to start entering the air-conditioned venue to see the grand finale of GACKT’s WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE 最期ノ月 -LAST MOON- supported by Nestlé.

All that could be seen on stage was a great red moon projected on the center of an enormous screen. When the lights went out at 16:15, a frame surrounding the moon opened to reveal an even bigger screen. It showed the introduction to the continuation of GACKT’s long-running MOON SAGA – segueing from GACKT’s theatric narration to a battlefield scene.

As the scene came to an end, the opening chords of ARROW prompted the entire arena to rise to their feet for Part One, almost all of them wielding dual light sticks set to purple. The giant screen parted to reveal GACKT and his members in full LAST MOON costume. The stage set looked something akin to a post-apocalyptic movie set. Fans waved their light sticks to the beat, creating a purple galaxy-like image around the stage.

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He changed the lyrics at the end into "Gyuudon wa Yoshinoya! (Gyuudon is Yoshinoya)" and everyone died.  XD Read full translated news at GACKT ITALIA HERE. Thank you!!


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(Click all images for full view.)

GACKT’s Anime Theme and…World Tour!?

GACKT rounded off the final show of his LAST VISUALIVE tour last night, and he had some big announcements to make at the end.

The first announcement is that he will hold a world tour in 2017! No further details–including possible places or dates–have been announced yet. Stay tuned!!

The second announcement is that one of the tracks on his latest album “LAST MOON” has been chosen as the opening theme for an anime. 「キミだけのボクでいるから」 (Kimi dake no Boku de iru kara) will be the opening theme for “TRICKSTER,” a new series set to air starting in October. A preview of the anime (featuring GACKT’s tune) was released just last night.

That’s not where GACKT’s role in the anime ends, though. He’ll also be voicing the character of 怪人二十面相役 (Kaijin Nijuu-men Aiyaku). Basically, he’s a mystery man.


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