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07 February 2011 @ 04:45 pm
GACKT to ‘navigate’ special documentary on Ozaki Yutaka  
GACKT to ‘navigate’ special documentary on Ozaki Yutaka

As reported earlier, BS Japan plans to air a special documentary program about the legendary singer, Ozaki Yutaka, who passed away in 1992. While the documentary will be a special treat in itself, many were thrilled to discover that GACKT would act as the ‘navigator’ for the program.

Titled “Hounetsu no Kanata~Ozaki Yutaka Shirarezaru Densetsu“, the documentary aims to introduce (or in some cases, re-introduce) Ozaki’s music, as well as reveal certain notes and memorandums that were never released before. They will also look back on Ozaki himself by interviewing the people who were influenced by him.

Since GACKT was also influenced by Ozaki Yutaka, he commented “To inform that this kind of man existed to the generations who don’t know about him – it’s my duty as a person who is living in the present. That is why I undertook this task.”

Singer DAIGO will take on the role of a reporter, while actor Kamikawa Takaya will be the narrotor for the program.  This documentary will be broadcasted on February 12th, followed by the airing of a special biographical drama about Ozaki near the end of March.

Source: Sanspo

wongkk: facewongkk on February 7th, 2011 11:34 am (UTC)
Thanks for this news. I can't think of anyone better to act as a guide to another musician than Gackt. He's at such a good age for this task - he has enough past and enough future. I'm pleased to see him doing this: he is a natural educator, I think.